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MDE terminal IC901


IC901 Standard

  • 12V / 2A power supply
  • 8 inputs (galvanically decoupled)
  • Energy data acquisition via 3 separate S0 inputs (e.g. energy, air, liquid)
  • 1 controllable relay
  • Display LEDs (Connect, Clock, Status, RFID)
  • Optionally with Bluetooth, WLAN or Ethernet
  • RS232 connection for DNC/NCV
  • USB port for barcode scanner
  • 12 freely assignable keys for 24 disturbance reasons

IC901 with process light

  • Process light 4x red/yellow/green/blue
  • Display of key figures OEE, CPK, QDE, TOOL
  • Mounting left or right possible

IC901 with CAQ lamp

  • Indicator lamp for test request
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