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Capacity planning and control station

KapPlan is a comfortable control center system for the scheduling of production resources, machines and personnel. KapPlan displays the occupancy and utilization of all machines, workstations and departments in a clear form. For example, all operations of the production orders are displayed time-correctly over the time axis and under consideration of the calendar.

With KapPlan you have the capacity planning of your production fully under control. The graphical planning board allows you to shift operations effortlessly. Comparable to an early warning system, capacity bottlenecks are displayed immediately. This means that free capacities can be optimally utilized. In addition, zoom functions allow you to set any time window. In this way, operations can also be shifted across different workstations and departments. Even scheduling assemblies is no problem with KapPlan!

Maintenance and tool collision

In KapPlan, preventive maintenance can be displayed as machine, equipment and tool maintenance. Potential maintenance on production-relevant resources is displayed in the standard views in terms of capacity. In addition to maintenance, planned repairs can also be displayed. This applies, for example, to punching or injection molding tools.
A tool or resource collision occurs when a tool is used twice in several operations. This can be mapped with reference to the affected operations.
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