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Business life is becoming more fast-paced, more flexible and also more mobile. While in the past most activities were carried out on stationary PCs, in this day and age, thanks to mobile end devices, location dependency is no longer mandatory.

The GEWATEC mobile solution is an effective product that offers the possibility to map certain functionalities quickly and easily, regardless of the location. Nowadays, mobile devices can be found on the market in different sizes and thus also in the most diverse screen diagonals and resolutions. Therefore, the GEWATEC APP offers suitable functionalities for different devices. The GEWATEC mobile APP offers the most important functions in a compact and optimized form.

GPPS functions

  • Out-of-home delivery bill
  • Stock postings
  • Stock debits
  • Stock transfers
  • Stock overview
  • Label printing
  • Goods receipt
  • Material removal
  • Article Info
  • Inventory

ProVis functions

  • Machine list
Quick Claim Mobile App

CAQ functions

  • Quick complaint

Prerequisites for the installation

  • At least GEWATEC version 4.34.8727
  • Mobile Device with Android > 4.1
  • Required components:
    • GEWATEC Syslink (Server)
    • GEWATEC App (Client)
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