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You are looking for a promising and exciting apprenticeship or a dual study program for business informatics?

Then you are GEWATEC exactly right!

We are looking for interested and committed trainees, students and interns:

Training and studies at GEWATEC

At the vocational school, you learn to map and understand business processes. You will also learn how to process customer orders, plan, implement and control production, procurement and sales processes. The training also includes recording and posting business transactions, allocating and analyzing costs according to their cause, preparing annual financial statements and evaluating them using key figures.

In our company, you will practice the working methods you have learned on real orders and customers. In office management, the focus is on order processing, ordering, accounting, human resources and correspondence.

Apprenticeship IT Specialist - Application Development

School training content

In vocational school, the most important component you will learn is software application development, which also includes the contents of various IT systems. It is also important to learn how to derive solutions from logical and complex contexts, which will promote your logical-analytical thinking, which you will need in your profession. Through specialized English it will be easier for you to understand and remember the many English terms of the IT world.

Company training content

At our company you will be involved in projects step by step. After you have built up a good base of knowledge and competence, you will be involved in our software development and troubleshooting. You will get to know different test procedures and learn how application solutions and application languages are enhanced, for example. You will also be given exciting projects where you can independently implement functions in the software.

The duration of the training is 3 years.

Apprenticeship as IT Specialist - System Integration

School training content

At the vocational school, you will become familiar with various programming languages and development methods. You will learn how to understand business processes, evaluate information sources and select the right working methods. In addition, you will learn how best to develop solutions from logically complex contexts. Technical English helps you to understand and remember the many English terms.

Company training content

Bei uns im Unternehmen übst du die gelernten Arbeitsmethoden dann an echten Aufträgen und Kunden. Im Team mit anderen Azubis oder Kollegen arbeitet ihr Lösungen für IT-Probleme aus. Du lernst die verschiedenen Programmiersprachen kennen, lernst Datenmodelle zu erstellen und erfährst, wie unsere Hard- und Softwarekomponenten in Betrieb genommen werden und in bestehende Systeme integriert werden.

The duration of training is 3 years

Apprenticeship IT Systems Management Assistant

School education

What you also need as an IT systems specialist is expertise in the field of application development. There you will practice using various programming languages and learn about the different data formats. Business administration is another important subject in your training. In particular, you will learn how to maintain customer relationships and how to monitor current market developments. Accounting is also part of your professional field, since in the commercial area you will have to deal with accounting, contracts and bookkeeping. In the "Information Systems" area, you will learn about the various hardware products and how a network is constructed and how, for example, you can manufacture a network cable yourself.

Vocational training

At our company, you will be familiarized with hardware and software that you will soon be selling. You will learn how to set up the equipment on site and connect it to the network after analyzing the customer's IT structure and evaluating it for performance, function and efficiency. Gradually, you will become an expert in GEWATEC software solutions and you will know exactly how to coordinate the different steps so that the customer can work with our software on time and properly.

The duration of the training is 3 years.

Training as an electronics technician for devices and systems

School education

In der Schule lernst du wie Ströme und Widerstände ermittelt werden, wie die physikalischen Gesetze im Bereich der Elektrodynamik lauten und das Montieren von Baugruppen. Außerdem wirst du elektronische und informationstechnische Systeme kennen lernen. Dabei hast du Fächer wie Mathe, Physik und Informatik.

Vocational training

In practice at GEWATEC your tasks are the planning and manufacturing of industrial computers and sensors. The industrial PCs are used to transfer CNC programs, to record machine states and quantities and to connect test equipment for measuring tasks. You also put systems and devices into operation and take care of maintenance.

Die Ausbildungsdauer beträgt 3,5 Jahre.

Dual study program in business informatics

Study contents at the university

The program provides in-depth knowledge in the business management subfields, such as materials management, production/logistics, process management, organization, marketing as well as accounting and controlling. Another focus is on applied computer science with topics such as programming, system analysis, operating systems, database systems, computer networks, Internet and multimedia.

Vocational training

In practice at GEWATEC you will work in software development. This means that you
consolidate your programming skills in the practical phase and gain experience in dealing with complex applications and systems. In addition, you will be given your own projects to implement, on which your scientific work will be based.

The duration of study is 3 years and ends with the academic degree Bachelor of Science.

Final thesis and internships

Theses and internships in the areas of software and hardware development, support, service, marketing, product management, and quality management.

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