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"DST Turning and Chip Days Southwest: 

It's a slam dunk for the region!"

Turning part+Lathe

April 2023

To the report

"Control 2022 in Stuttgart- GEWATEC presents Smart Factory with ProVis-NT".

Local press

June 2022

"AMB 2018: Minister of Economics Hoffmeister_Kraut at the GEWATEC booth".

Industry 4.0 made tangible

Local press

September 2018

"AMB takes things up a notch"

Digital Way wants to show potentials of digitalization

NC manufacturing

August 2018

"With Industry4.0, software becomes a production factor".

Digital Transformation in Medium-Sized Manufacturing Companies


August 2018

"Digital evolution instead of revolution"

Industry 4.0 in medium-sized businesses

VDI-Z 160

May 2018

"Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Practice"

ERP and Industry 4.0 in the midmarket

Digital Manufacturing

March 2018

"Industry 4.0 processes in application"

ERP/ MES - Implementation in manufacturing

Industry 4.0 - Magazine

February 2018

"Learning Factory Industry 4.0

Technical essay about our learning factory

July 2017

"Industry 4.0 for precision parts manufacturers"

ERP/ MES industry solution from GEWATEC

Turned part + lathes

April 2017

"Intelligently networked illuminant for lathes"

Turned part + lathes

April 2017

"Industry 4.0 to touch"

Turning Days in Friedrichshafen


December 2016

"Presentation of the Industry 4.0 Learning Facility".

July 2016

"This puts us at the forefront"

Feintechnikschule Schwenningen a.N. presents Industrie4.0 learning factory

July 2016

"The future has already begun" GEWATEC 4.0 "

Vision Motif - Magazine

September 2015

"Systems in a duet"

Feintechnikschule Schwenningen a.N. presents Industrie4.0 learning factory

Digital Manufacturing

April 2015

"Panel discussion clarifies questions on Indsutrie 4.0 "

Swabian newspaper

April 2015

"Experts from business and trade union
discuss Industry 4.0

Swabian newspaper

April 2015

"Companies are networking digitally"

Swabian newspaper

April 2015

"Lecture Industry 4.0 in the precision engineering school".

March 2015

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