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Would you like to learn more about working at GEWATEC? Preferably directly at first hand? Get to know GEWATEC from the employees' point of view. Here, our employees report about your entry, your career, your training and what makes working at GEWATEC so special.

Georgios Mantzaris

I find the apprenticeship as an electronics technician for devices and systems particularly exciting because I like solving complex problems, I'm technically savvy, and I really enjoy tinkering, programming, and screwing things together.
I was able to acquire my technical skills both in my school career and practically in my internships, vacation and part-time jobs. I was also able to gain some initial experience in the field of electronics and to commit myself to this career aspiration.

Before starting my apprenticeship, I already did an internship at GEWATEC and immediately felt at home. I particularly enjoy working at GEWATEC because the tasks are very varied and my colleagues support me in learning a lot and working independently.

Staff Reports-Georgios-Mantzaris
Staff Reports-Mustafa-Genisel
Mustafa Genisel

After my orientation studies at the HFU inTuttlingen, it was clear to me that I wanted to train in the direction of IT.

I then decided to train as an IT specialist for systems integration because I'm very interested in network technology and I like having contact with customers.
My main tasks include support and customer service via remote maintenance. This means that I fix the error messages that come up at the customers and answer general/special questions about our software.

I am in the PPS department, this module is responsible for production, planning and control. This means that the complete company process is planned as well as determined.

What I particularly enjoy at Gewatec is executing statements via the SQL Sybase Central database in order to fulfill special customer requests, such as setting all articles to demand-driven so that all articles can also be scheduled.
What I like about GEWATEC is the interaction with my colleagues and the freedom to organize my daily work routine myself. I especially enjoy the leisure activities we do together, such as go-karting.

I recommend the job to people who have an interest in PC networking and problem solving, as well as a lot of patience and imaginative ideas.

Luca Ferroni

I completed my training as an IT specialist with a focus on application development at GEWATEC in 2018. During my training, I grew bit by bit into the development team of GEWATEC Quality Software.

As an application developer, I mainly develop software. That means, you start with nothing and then build up a program with certain functions piece by piece. In addition, my tasks include programming extensions for already existing programs and fixing bugs. There is no typical daily routine for my tasks. The day starts with a cup of coffee and checking emails. You try to find solutions for problems, develop new modules, you have lunch, discuss problems and at some point you go home.

In my work I find the new development of programs particularly exciting and less interesting the bug fixing. However, fixing problems is a great pleasure. What I like about my job is the variety of tasks and challenges. At GEWATEC, I particularly like the flexible working hours and annual employee events. In addition, I am constantly developing myself through various training opportunities.

I think for the profession as a developer you should bring curiosity, interest and passion. You don't have to be a math genius directly for the training, but you shouldn't have been one of the worst students at school either.

Staff Reports-Luca-Ferroni
Employee Reports-Jonas-Buehler

Jonas Bühler

Since I was younger, I've been interested in computer, server, and networking technology. It started with hosting game servers to network friends to revising programs for automation.
When I heard about the apprenticeship as an IT specialist - system integration I knew: this fits me. I didn't just want to program, but also work with hardware and networks.

Already during my secondary school years I did an internship in the IT department of GEWATEC. After that, I was convinced that I would apply for an apprenticeship.

My main task is the support, which means the support of the customer in the application with our software. I am mainly responsible for the area of our software for machine and production data acquisition. This task is very diversified. Either I help the customers with their concerns with our software and hardware, or I test the latest innovations of the development.

As a tip for future applicants at GEWATEC, I think you should have interest and fun in computer and network technology for this job.

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