Industry PC
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Industry PCs

GEWATEC industrial PCs (IPCs) and sensors are an important link between man, machine and the IT network. The IPCs are used to transfer CNC programs, record machine statuses and quantities, and connect test equipment for measuring tasks.
With a whole family of IPCs and sensors, GEWATEC provides the user with a universal and comprehensive information system for production.

The GEWATEC IPCs in their stylish and robust housing with oil-resistant components, have standard interfaces for keyboards, barcode readers, RFID readers, foot switches, Ethernet connection and much more.

MDE Sensors/ Counter

GEWATEC sensors record machine and process data and report them mostly wirelessly to the GEWATEC ProVis control station.


The GEWATEC IC901 terminals are available in different functional combinations and can be assigned 24 different fault reasons.


The IC3015/17 with its 15/17" touch screen is the optimal interface between man and machine. With this MDE/BDE terminal, paperless production becomes a reality.
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