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Machine IPCs

The GEWATEC DNC solution is a modern communication system for the transmission of CNC programs from and to the machine. Today, the data transmission is mostly done by radio and can be realized with or without a terminal. 

DNC (Direct Numerical Control), CNC program transfer

  • Transfer of NC programs between programming station and any CNC controls
  • Direct connection to the USB interface of the controller
  • Program management
  • Program archiving and data backup on central computer
  • DNC transmission in ISO, EIA, or Mazak code
  • LSV2 protocol support
  • Integrated editor for changing CNC programs
    DNC operation in Ethernet
  • Up to 32 machines per DNC terminal with RS232 or 20mA
  • Setting of the 20mA interface by software
  • All Windows operating systems
  • Safety structure (FDA)
  • Creation of backup copies during retransmission from the NC control (FDA-compliant)
  • Logging of machine number, date, time, operator and number of transmitted lines
  • Automatic control printout of the transferred NC program during DNC operation
  • Free input of all DNC parameters
  • User-friendly user guidance
  • Creation of DNC run cards with barcode
  • Transfer directly from the production order
USB DNC Machine Counter

USB-DNC with the IC901

The IC901 emulates a USB memory stick, i.e. it behaves like a USB memory stick from the control point of view. Several programs can be stored in a predefined directory on the memory stick. By pressing the start key, all programs are transferred to the control. By pressing the DNC function key, the device is ready to receive.

DNC without cables wireless DNC for all CNC controls.


NCV: CNC program transfer

The GEWATEC NC program management (NCV) is the database for your CNC programs. All CNC programs with the associated subprograms are managed in an SQL database.
You can search for any search term. Search keys are e.g. program no., drawing no., article no., article designation, etc.
The CNC programs with the tool setup sheets are assigned to the respective operations and machines.
The transfer of CNC programs (DNC) can be started directly from the NCV. Set-up sheets and workpiece drawings are included in the NCV...

Tool management

TLM: GEWATEC Toolmanager, tool management

The GEWATEC TOOL-Manager reduces your production costs, optimizes your manufacturing processes and increases your productivity. You benefit from lower setup costs, reduce your tool inventory and plan with automated diposition runs.GEWATEC TOOL-Manager takes over the management of tools, tool lists, setup sheets and CNC programs. In addition, it transfers CNC programs and tool data to the control via the DNC module.
The CNC programs and the corresponding tool lists are accessed via the article, the working plan, the operation and finally via the selection of the machine.
Freely designable input fields in tool tables enable the creation of machine-dependent tool lists and setup sheets...

Tool management

TOOL server interface

If your storage and retrieval systems have a digital interface, they can be integrated into the inventory control system. Today, such systems are preferably used for tool dispensing. GPPS supports a whole range of tool and rack systems.
The interface supports the following functions*)

  • Master data adjustment
  • Inventory data reconciliation
  • Minimum stock management
  • automatic stock posting
  • Tool removal on production order
  • Disposition
  • Order suggestions
  • autom. positioning from article master

*) Depending on the tool dispensing system

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