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IC901 extensions


RFID extension

  • Choice of different RFID standards (QT, Mifare, Legic)
    • Hitag 1
    • Hitag 2 (with/without PW)
    • EM4102
    • Mifare Classic 1K/4K
    • Mifare Desfire 2K/4K/8K
    • Legic Advant
    • Legic Prime
  • Integration of new standards is possible

USB DNC extension

  • USB port for DNC/NCV
  • Memory stick internal
  • A verified stick from the machine manufacturer is required
Conversion kit

Process light IC901 retrofit kit

  • for retrofitting a process light on the IC901
  • Contains:
    • Process light with cover
    • Connecting cable
    • Aluminum trim for top / bottom
  • Mounting right / left possible
Conversion kit

Signal lamp IC901 retrofit kit

  • for retrofitting the signal lamp on the IC901
  • Contains:
    • Signal lamp
    • Connection cable
    • Aluminum trim top
    • Antenna integrated
USB-DNC conversion kit

USB-DNC IC901 retrofit kit

  • for retrofitting the USB-DNC module to the IC901
  • Contains:
    • USB DNC module
    • Connection cable USB
    • Aluminum trim Bottom
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