System requirements for participation in webinars

You can participate in a webinar at any time and from anywhere. Your computer or mobile device must meet the system requirements listed below.

GoToWebinar transmits the training speaker and his presentation. GoToWebinar automatically selects the best participation option for each participant.
Be sure to use Google Chrome as your browser!


  • If you are joining from a computer that has the necessary system requirements for the desktop application, then the application download will start automatically and you will be taken directly to the webinar room.
  • If your computer does NOT have the necessary system requirements, you will automatically join via the web browser without installation (= Instant Join).

Participation via the download of the desktop version

Operating systemWindows Vista - Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) to 10.11 (El Capitan)
BrowserGoogle Chrome v39 or higher
Mozilla Firefox v34 or higher
Microsoft Edge
Apple Safari version 6 or higher
Internet connection 6 Mbit/s
SoftwareGoToWebinar Desktop App
JavaScript enabled

2GB RAM or more
Headphones / headset if there is a desire to be able to ask questions

System requirements for online training

The trainer will transmit his screen to the participants and present the software and functions there, who would like to ask questions like in a training should have a headset.

For the exercises, a system is available via a web browser session, so you should be able to see the trainer and the exercise session at the same time, ideally this takes place at a workstation with 2 monitors. Alternatively, one can view the instructor session (via GotoWebinar as described above) via a tablet and complete the exercises on the PC. For the transmission to work smoothly, at least 6 Mbit/s internet access should be available.

Training participants are welcome to test the technology in a test session beforehand, for this please contact

Summary of hardware required:

  • 2 monitors, alternatively an additional tablet
  • Headset for questions
  • Internet access of 6 Mbit/s
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